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        Deputy secretary of municipal party committee of leshan, mayor Jiang Fuyi researched in Yaxi
        時間:2013/10/14 15:58:44

        On September 13, the secretary of the municipal party committee, deputy mayor Jiang Fuyi a line visited our company. Secretary of the municipal party committee, Tong Guangming, municipal committee, deputy mayor zhou yong, the municipal government secretary-general Wang Shuhuai, district party committee secretary Liang Jiehong, secretary of the district party committee, deputy district mayor Yang jun, the district party committee, deputy district secretary Liu Yong and Ding Chengbin accompanied.   President Guo accompany personally and report to the mayor Jiang on the current situation of production and business operation and development. Afterwards, a line of people came to the final assembly workshop, in front of our latest developed internal mixer, director Li Xinzhi introduced our technology research center in details.   After listening to Guo and Li, Jiang said that under the condition of current global economic downturn, enterprises should seize the development opportunity and keep competitive advantage.

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